Read what people have to say about Hong Kong Hypnotherapy.

I have tried to quit smoking on a number of occasions using hypnotherapy, and different hypnotherapists, and by far the most effective was Fiona. Her calm manner put me at ease from the outset of the session, particularly as I was going through a stressful period at the time. Her willingness to extend help beyond the session, in terms of advice on extra information and activities, is a further reason why I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone looking for a hypnotherapist.

- Chin, Hong Kong


A thoroughly professional service from beginning to end. We set clear goals and a choice of approaches was offered in order to achieve them. Back up materials to supplement sessions have enabled me to maintain initial progress. I felt reassured at every stage by Fiona’s calm, persistent support. Thank you so much!

- Gillian, England


I went to Fiona for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about addiction and very supportive throughout the sessions. Her professional and friendly approach put me instantly at ease, which enabled me to get the maximum benefit from the sessions. I thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone considering giving up smoking. Thank you Fiona.

- Christine, Hong Kong


I can’t say enough good things about the hypnotherapy session! It completely changed my attitude towards needles and how I experience them. I didn’t even feel the iv or the spinal! Totally worth it! Thank you!
The calming presence of Fiona herself was remarkable! The best part is that the entire session was recorded and emailed to me! I have been listening to it every night via headphones as I fall asleep. Not only have I been sleeping more deeply but also I have been able to take the prescribed shots since with significantly more ease at my doctor appointments!

- Sabrina, Hong Kong


I went to Fiona at the beginning of October 2015 after 15 years of smoking. My
objective was to quit as my husband and me are willing to have a baby, but I felt I
needed extra help to succeed in quitting the cigarette.
I told Fiona I was afraid because the cigarette was associated with social life,
pleasure and stress release in my mind. After the fist session, I felt so strong and
powerful and surprisingly, very happy! I’m sure Fiona managed to convinced my
sub-conscious about the benefits of becoming a non-smoker… for life! 2 weeks later I
had the second session as a re-enforcement. Just after this second session, I spent
a whole week with family and my husband. I was the only non-smokers, but rather than
dying for a cigarette, I felt so proud of myself, and so sad for my loved ones. Now
I am used to my life as a non-smoker, and honestly I feel FREE, and this makes me
smile everyday! I never thought it would have been so easy to end my relationship
with the cigarette. If I knew it, I definitely would have seen Fiona a lot earlier.
Thanks for everything Fiona

- ED, Business Manager, Hong Kong


I never trusted the different kinds of medicine before I had my first hypnosis session with Fiona. In only 2 sessions, she was able to cure a lot of emotional problems, insatisfaction and expectation issues that I have in my work and personal life. She is responsible for a radical change in my life as now I am able to understand myself perfectly and know the good things which will help me in my life. She is talented, her quiet and peacable voice is the one that I am listening every night in order to calm down, enjoy the present moment and escape from any bad moment that I have.
I truly recommend Fiona and her talent if you want to live a big change like me , or even if you want to meditate on something with a very positive mind.

- Alex, Hong Kong