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Have a chilled Christmas – and enjoy a free hypnotherapy recording

With all the pressure to be happy, to make everyone else happy, and to get a myriad of things done to ensure the perfect Christmas, there is no wonder the holiday period can be a minefield. Images on social media, together with nostalgic, airbrushed memories of Christmases past, inevitably lead to impossibly high expectations. In […]

Having trouble sleeping?

Sleepless in Hong Kong? (image from Most adults and many children experience problems sleeping from time to time, and 30-58% suffer from insomnia on a regular basis. Insomnia can take the form of either getting off to sleep or remaining asleep throughout the night and often results in frustration and inability to function during […]

Improve your heart health with hypnosis!

(image from Bing Images) This month is American Heart Month, so a great time to check in with what you are doing for your heart – and the challenges it is facing – and take advantage of a special offer. Hypnosis can help you improve your heart health by aiding greatly in: – stopping smoking […]

Managing stress

What is stress? Stress is the subconscious mind and the body’s response to a perceived threat (physical or emotional) that kicks off the fight-flight-freeze response through stimulating the release of particular chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline. In itself, stress is neither good nor bad. We need some stress; it keeps us alert and responsive […]

Hypnotherapy – core therapy in the treatment and prevention of cancer

Anyone dealing with cancer – either as a patient or as someone close to them – is likely to be facing a great deal of anxiety and stress. This can be anxiety about procedures, being in hospital, needles, anaesthetic and pain. It could be stress about check-up procedures such as internal examinations or blood tests […]

Stress linked to diabetes

Earlier this year, scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, discovered that men suffering from chronic stress have a much higher risk (upto 45%) of developing type 2 diabetes than men who are not. The research makes sobering reading, but there are a myriad of ways of dealing effectively with stress, including hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis […]

CD available

I’m really excited to announce that I have produced a relaxation cd, ‘Relax and Let Go with Hypnotherapy’. It is available at The Sanctuary healing centre on Arbuthnot Road (2905 Universal Trade Centre), Central. Below is a short extract from it. I hope you enjoy it. Relax and Let Go Extract Best, Fiona

Freeing yourself from phobias

Happy New Year! How would it feel to make 2013 the year you finally rid yourself of the phobia that has been plaguing you and steadily decreasing your comfort zone for years? Phobias range from the more commonly seen claustrophobia, fear of flying, fear of snakes and so on to the more unusual, but equally […]

International Noise Awareness Day

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate the stress and irritation associated with excessive noise, whether or not you suffer from misophonia, an increased sensitivity to noise.

Hypnosis for your wedding day!

Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, relax and reduce your stress levels, and overcome nerves often associated with giving a speech.