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Got bad habits you want to break?

Workshop on 26th May – 6.30pm, St James’s Place, Queen’s Road Central   Free admission Come along and find out how to ditch the unwanted behaviours and instil positive new habits! Click Breaking Bad Habits Workshop for details.    

Improve your heart health with hypnosis!

(image from Bing Images) This month is American Heart Month, so a great time to check in with what you are doing for your heart – and the challenges it is facing – and take advantage of a special offer. Hypnosis can help you improve your heart health by aiding greatly in: – stopping smoking […]

Hypnotherapy for addictions and substance abuse

In Hong Kong, a city where binge-drinking is common, various factors, including high levels of stress, contribute to abuse of other substances too, from cocaine to energy drinks, tobacco, sugar, and processed foods.

Hypnotherapy has been shown over and over again to effectively help people manage abuse and addiction through

Quitting smoking can seriously improve your mental health

I came across this very interesting article today, published in the American Journal of Public Health. It explodes the myth,

Results of smoking survey

Earlier this year, Hong Kong Hypnotherapy conducted a small-scale study into the motivation behind smoking and the motivation behind quitting amongst adults and adolescents in Hong Kong. Results closely mirrored a larger UK study carried out in 2006