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Gut pain?

Hypnotherapy has been shown effective in the treatment of abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by a number of studies (including those by widely-respected Dr Peter Whorwell of the Institute of Inflammation and Repair, Manchester University. Now the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam has backed up the findings yet again – for text version […]

The Perfect Pregnancy Package – reviewed by Sassy Mama Hong Kong

We have just received a wonderful review of The Sanctuary’s Perfect Pregnancy Package“, which allows mums-to-be to experience a variety of therapies and treatments that help with different aspects of pregnancy. Check out the fifth and sixth paragraphs for what Sabrina has to say about the hypnotherapy session she enjoyed and how it continued to […]

Why use Hypnotherapy for Cancer?

As a complement to traditional medical treatment, hypnotherapy empowers people to take an active role in their healing. It also increases comfort levels, helps decrease side effects of medication and greatly reduces feelings of helplessness, anxiety and other negative emotions. In addition to preparation for surgery, which was discussed in my last blog, there are […]

Does Hypnotherapy Cure Cancer?

Hypnotherapy is effective at helping cancer patients prepare for surgery, deal with pain, anxiety, nausea and to enhance healing after operations.