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Getting 2016 off to a Superb Start

                  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are all fired up for making 2016 successful in every way. The focus of this blog post is to offer some tips for getting your life moving in the direction you want it to, best casino […]

New Year Special Offer

Over-indulged over the holidays? Pants a bit tight? Need a boost to help you get back into shape? Let us help. We have a special offer of over 15% off our Hypnosis for Weight Management package. Most people who are concerned about their weight have tried all kinds of diets. However, what these generally don’t […]

Successful weight loss

You already have all you need to reach and maintain your ideal weight and size. Everything we require to fulfil our potential is in our creative and resourceful subconscious mind. Developing and accessing our internal resources is vital for change-work. Some people experience the voice of their subconscious, the part that has access to these […]

Successful weight loss

Week Three Visualising success is a tool that is used regularly to great effect by professional athletes, business leaders, concert performers – anyone, in fact, for whom success and overcoming challenges is really important. Essentially, building a picture in your mind of what you want – as if it is already true – makes it […]

Successful weight loss

Week One I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend (despite the dreadful weather here in Hong Kong!). Well, the chocolate eggs and bunnies have been eaten and the indulgence of both Chinese New Year and Christmas are behind us; we now have a straight run through to the swimsuit season. What a great opportunity […]