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Improve your heart health with hypnosis!

(image from Bing Images) This month is American Heart Month, so a great time to check in with what you are doing for your heart – and the challenges it is facing – and take advantage of a special offer. Hypnosis can help you improve your heart health by aiding greatly in: – stopping smoking […]

Managing stress

What is stress? Stress is the subconscious mind and the body’s response to a perceived threat (physical or emotional) that kicks off the fight-flight-freeze response through stimulating the release of particular chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline. In itself, stress is neither good nor bad. We need some stress; it keeps us alert and responsive […]

Hypnotherapy – core therapy in the treatment and prevention of cancer

Anyone dealing with cancer – either as a patient or as someone close to them – is likely to be facing a great deal of anxiety and stress. This can be anxiety about procedures, being in hospital, needles, anaesthetic and pain. It could be stress about check-up procedures such as internal examinations or blood tests […]

Freeing yourself from phobias

Happy New Year! How would it feel to make 2013 the year you finally rid yourself of the phobia that has been plaguing you and steadily decreasing your comfort zone for years? Phobias range from the more commonly seen claustrophobia, fear of flying, fear of snakes and so on to the more unusual, but equally […]

Phobias – the simple and the complex

Phobias can stem from a traumatic incident (often one forgotten by the conscious mind but still stored and causing ripples in the subconscious) as in the article here or it could be a learned behaviour that developed in response to watching someone else react with fear. This is very common in families, where a young child […]